Three (3) Step Cosmeceutical Program

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The skin is the largest organ in the body and is responsible for many functions that contribute to our well-being. It protects our bodies against physical and chemical aggressions, serves as a sensorial receptor, regulates body temperature, and supplies our cells with oxygen, water, and minerals. It also synthesizes Vitamin D from the sun, which is essential for bone growth and health. InVite&#174 Cosmeceuticals are loaded with essential nutrients and ingredients for fortifying and maintaining skin appearance, while leaving it soft, radiant, and optimally hydrated. InVite&#174 Cleanser Enriched with antioxidants to lift away impurities and maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance. Deep cleans, leaving the skin smooth and refreshed. Enriched with green tea, witch hazel, grapeseed extract, cucumber oil, Seaweed Blend, and sea salt.* InVite&#174 Toner Externally provides deep antioxidant support while moisturizing the skin. Softens and smoothes dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Enriched with green tea, Ester-C, cucumber oil, Fruit Blend, mango butter, shea butter, sesame oil, neem oil, tocotrienols, and Vitamin A and D3.* InVite&#174 Facial Moisturizer Designed to help tighten pores and improve the skin’s facial tonality and appearance without drying it out. Both cooling and refreshing, it provides antioxidant support to maintain youthful skin. Ideally used after cleanser to close pores, invigorate, and tone. Enriched with green tea, witch hazel, DMAE, aloe vera, marine collagen, grapeseed extract, eucalyptus oil, and cucumber oil. *