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anxiety1Can Hypnotherapy Help to Ease Anxiety?

Hypnosis is a mind-body technique that is often used as a treatment for anxiety. Also referred to as “hypnotherapy,” hypnosis involves achieving a trance-like state of mind during which the hypnotized person experiences deep relaxation, focused attention, and greater openness to suggestion. There has been a lot of research don on hypnosis and anxiety disorders, such as panic attacks and studies suggest that hypnosis eases anxiety, allowing you to live life with a positive outlook.

Hypnosis has a solid track record in the treatment of a wide variety of issues and problems relating to anxiety, panic and stress. There are several phenomena associated with hypnosis which make it particularly helpful in the treatment of these conditions.

Stop Anxiety and Worry with Clinical Hypnotherapy

Anxiety and panic attacks are the result of inappropriate stimulation of hormonal and nervous ‘stress response’ pathways. In contrast, hypnotherapy is a procedure which can induce deep states of relaxation. The process of hypnosis tends to switch off the ‘stress response’ and switch on the ‘relaxation response’. Self-hypnosis is a relaxation skill which you can learn. It can empower you to gain more control over previously stressful situations.


The relaxed state of consciousness experienced during hypnotherapy is often associated with an increased level of suggestibility. Stage hypnotists use this increase in suggestibility to provoke humorous behaviors. In a similar way, clinical hypnotherapists can use suggestion to provoke increased feelings of empowerment and control in situations which usually cause anxiety.

Positive Imagery

We all use our imaginations to predict and plan for the future. Imagination is the ability to create a mental image of something. We all create hundreds of thousands of images all day long. Most of the time, we create these images without closing our eyes and they are so vague we hardly even notice them.

Imagining yourself speaking in public can create anxiety even though you are alone in your room. Conversely, just imagining you are receiving a massage can create feelings of relaxation.

Hypnotically induced altered states of relaxation can produce and improve the clarity of positive mental imagery. An experienced hypnotist can guide you to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ yourself being more relaxed in situations which you would otherwise find stressful.

Sometimes anxious people are in the habit of allowing too much negative imagery to persist in their thinking. Too much worrying over-stimulates the ‘stress response’ and this creates feelings of anxiety. Hypnotic suggestions are given to let go of the habit of worrying and to use your imagination in a more positive and productive manner.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent treatment for panic attacks, stress and anxiety! It is drug free and it can treat the symptoms as well as the cause.

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