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DepressionDepression and Hypnosis: A New Duo?

Depression is an illness that affects the daily lives of millions of Americans. While depression is most often considered a mental illness, its progression can produce physical symptoms that weaken the body and make the individual more susceptible to other illnesses and can sometimes manifest into physical pain. People suffering from depression find it difficult to function in their routine tasks. Depression manifests itself differently in each patient, and the severity and duration depend on many contributing factors.

Depression is caused by a variety of factors.  For years, physicians have turned to medication for the treatment of depression in their patients, readjusting the biochemical functions of the individual. A segment of the population, however, is beginning to view cognitive behavioral and therapeutic approaches as more effective for the treatment of depression. Hypnosis as treatment for depression has been brought to the forefront of discussion by many clinicians.

Research studies suggest that hypnosis for many people is a preferable and efficient treatment for depression. Online resources give a variety of different reasons for their opinion. Prescription antidepressants can often mask underlying issues, and once the patient stops drug therapy, the depression is still evident.  Many suggest that drug treatment lacks the long-lasting effectiveness that hypnosis provides and fails to teach the skills of resolution and problem solving that are necessary to overcome the illness. It’s also believed that people falsely attribute depression symptoms to being purely biological and brings up the idea that the way people think is actually the more probable cause.

Pharmacotherapy has side effects and complications such the potential for dependency and tolerance, while proponents of hypnosis for the treatment of depression maintain that hypnosis counters depression by helping the patient build a foundation that creates constructive ways of dealing with the feelings associated with the illness, a sense of control over their condition, and decreased rates of relapse.

During a hypnotherapy session, the depressed individual experiences a variety of relaxation stages. The hypnotherapist combines these states with imagery, and as the person moves into deeper, trance-like states of relaxation, the hypnotist is able to access the emotions and memories of the depressed individual that may have been repressed or forgotten. Once these memories are unveiled and learned behaviors are separated from the memories, the hypnotist reveals coping strategies and healthier, more productive thought processes directly to the subconscious mind. While in this hypnotic state, the individual tends to accept the suggestions introduced by the skilled hypnotist. Hypnosis helps patients identify the root causes of their depression and allows them to modify their negative memories, feelings, and thoughts that contribute to the illness.

If you are suffering from depression, hypnosis is an appropriate, effective, treatment that warrants your strong consideration. Hypnosis has therapeutic benefits that serve to improve the condition of the depressed individual.  As with all illnesses, the appropriate therapy depends on the needs and desires of the individual, and it is critical that each person consult with his or her physician or therapist regarding treatment options.

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