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Hypnosis for Fear of Flying

Fear of flying is a surprisingly common problem which can severely limit your horizons, be it for business or pleasure. However, hypnosis can tackle the fear of flying psychologically, and quickly and easily help you overcome your fear by helping you to become more confident about flying.

It is estimated that up to one in ten people suffers from a fear of flying, yet air travel is increasingly becoming an everyday means of travel for many, and an essential part of our work and personal lives. Many people find that their children have a fear of flying.

The fear of flying, also known as aerophobia or aviophobia, is caused by the unconscious part of your mind warning you that it’s dangerous to get on a plane. This would be appropriate if the plane was missing a wing or obviously not in a condition to fly. However, in the case of a flying phobia, that protection mechanism which is meant to keep you safe has become over-sensitive and is now a problem. Many people have already used hypnosis to not only overcome fear of flying, but have also learnt to look forward to flying and to enjoy it!

If we stop and understand the true function of fear, we learn that fear is a mechanism of the mind to direct us away from dangerous situations. Fear is not triggered based on fact, but based on our perception of the situation. If we perceive flying in airplanes to be dangerous, fear is triggered. The reality is that traveling by airplane is one of the safest forms of transportation. Hypnosis, in and of itself, can greatly reduce the fear of flying by creating a gentle feeling of relaxation and calm.

Hypnotherapy can help you to learn a new pattern of behavior. In the past, you used to dread flying or even boarding a plane – in the future you can simply relax and start to enjoy the freedom of flying. Although hypnosis won’t instantly cure your fear of flying, many successful clients would agree it could be the single most successful step you ever take.

Now all you have to do is dream of where you want to fly to next!

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