Respiratory Program

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The respiratory system is sensitive and can be affected by many different variables, especially the environment and its dust and pollens. Natural substances like those in Aller Clear Hx&#153, InflamMune Hx&#153 and NAC help maintain a healthy respiratory system while protecting respiratory comfort.* Aller Clear Hx&#153 Fortunately, there are phytonutrients, herbs and vitamins that provide very effective nutritional support for allergy sufferers. Natural substances such as Quercetin (which is found in small amounts in very healthy foods such as tea and apples), the herb Stinging Nettle Leaf, Vitamin C, and the B vitamin Pantothenic Acid have been shown to supply great benefit for allergy symptoms without side effects.* InflamMune Hx&#153 Nutritional/herbal support for minor or occasional overactive immune function. Also for the joints, lungs, gums, and respiratory health.* NAC 600 mg This antioxidant soaks up immune system chemicals that trigger allergies.*