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K-Mag Hx&#174 is a unique formulation of 3 ingredients that balance and protect Calcium supplementation. While Calcium may be the most important mineral in proper bone formation and density, Magnesium also plays a powerful part in building strong bones. Additionally, Magnesium is an essential mineral in over 300 biochemical process including muscle relaxation but can compete with Calcium absorption. Therefore, some research shows that Calcium and Magnesium, while both essential, are best taken separately. This product complements Calplex Hx&#174, particularly when taken at different times of the day. The inclusion of Vitamin K1, the clotting vitamin, may convert into K2 helping protect blood vessel walls as well as endothelial cells as it works to deposit Calcium in the bone where it belongs. The mineral Silica, in addition to supporting veins, cartilage and joints also has the propensity to place calcium within the bone.* This product contains 200Mg or 50%DV of Magnesium Glycinate, 600mcg of Vitamin K1 or 750% DV and 1mg of Horsetail Silica per tablet. This product is an excellent source of Magnesium and Vitamin K.


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