HIV Positive Program

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HIV positive patients do well with supplementation helping to restore their antioxidant levels for cellular health. This is especially necessary due to the drug cocktails they are required to use.* InVite&#174 Performance Multi Vitamin An advanced and comprehensive multi vitamin/mineral/antioxidant formula with the natural performance enhancing nutrients, GliSODin&#174 and Rhodiola Rosea. InVite&#174 Performance supports stamina, stress resistance, and the immune system. This superior multi vitamin is beneficial for all types of lifestyles, particularly those that are active. No stimulants or ephedra.* L-Glutamine Powder Offers nutritional support for healing digestive tract tissue. Glutamine is also a major amino acid in muscle to help rebuild muscle.* NAC 600 mg This antioxidant soaks up immune systems chemicals that trigger allergies.*