Heart Health Program

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Like every muscle, the heart has a voracious appetite for good nutrition, but unlike other muscles, the heart is continuously working. Many nutrients are involved in muscle function, energy production, and heart health. Supply your heart with these natural nutrients found in Cardio Hx&#153, Fish Oil, and Ubiquinol CoQ10.* Cardio Hx&#153 Herbal and nutritional support for the heart and healthy blood pressure* Ubiquinol CoQ10 We have all come to recognize therapeutic benefits of CoQ10 as an effective and powerful antioxidant that helps protect against free radical damage. It is also particularly effective in supporting healthy cardiovascular functions as well as the function of several other vital organs.* Fish Oil 1000EC Provides essential nutritional benefits for many crucial areas of health including the cardiovascular system, blood vessel health, joint maintenance, mental function and mood. Fish Oil is an important component of optimal health.*