Hair, Skin & Nails

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InVite Health’s Hair, Skin & Nails formula addresses potential nutritional deficiencies that may be impede the overall health of connective tissues, keratin genesis and follicle health. Biotin improves the growth and strength of nails, and repairs fragile hair. Low biotin levels can contribute to hair loss. Zinc is essential for healthy skin and hair growth. MSM (500mg) may support keratolytic action, to help slough off old skin cells from the inside out. Silica (50mg) is a mineral that supports strong nails and hair. Two amino acids L-Proline (50mg) is an important component of healthy hair and L-Lysine (50mg) helps balance susceptibility to skin sores. Aveena sativa (200mg) is soothing for skin. Aveena or oatstraw also has a rich source of nutrients and minerals to round out this formula that supports the building of strong, healthy skin, hair and nails.* Two VCaps capsules provides an excellent source of Vitamin C (50mg or 83.3% DV), Biotin (600mcg or 200% DV) and Zinc (5mg or 33.3 mg).