Catalase Hx&#174 With Picrorhiza

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If you have gray (grey) hair it may be a sign that you need Catalase. Catalase is a natural antioxidant enzyme in our body it is found in all of our cells and helps shield our brain, eyes, heart, kidneys, blood and all other tissues from oxidizing free radicals that can damage us. Hydrogen peroxide is an unstable oxidizing agent that is released in our body every time we use energy in any organ for any reason. Catalase converts the free radical generating hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. Catalase levels drop with age and as a result hydrogen peroxide activity increases. The increase in hydrogen peroxide activity bleaches our hair. Thus, a sign that you need to supplement with Catalase Hx&#174 is graying hair. Catalase is a major protective antioxidant in the eyes, brain, blood cells and other organs and tissues and it is especially active in the liver. If you lack it you have less control over oxidizing, cell-damaging free radicals. The formula also supplies the herb Picrorhiza kurroa. Used for centuries for liver health, Picrorhiza helps the body&#8217s Catalase production.